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ACG Series - V1
  The ACG Series Machines are fully automated machines and are very efficient baking ovens for production of stacked cones, cups moulded cones in large quantity.

These machines are supplied with 12,18,24,30 and 36 upto 60 moulds as per the requirements of the output. Choce of Heating by Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) or electricity ensures customization to the customer energy availability.

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ACG Series - V3
  • New and improved Gas distribution system for better
• PLC controlled system with touch screen HMI.
• Dual Chamber system to ensure carrier bearings are out of
  the heat zone, thereby increasiing service life.
• Specially insulated enclosure.
• Automatic stacking device.
• Moulded Cones, cups and special shapes.

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