WAFER OVEN - DW - V3 Series 2012 Edition 350 X 500mm)   Order Spare parts

Automatic Wafer Baking Oven DW - V3 Series 2012 Edition (350 X 500mm)

Upto 2700kgs/shift*

• New and improved gas distribution system.
• Automatic Chain Tensioning system
• Baking plate of special grey cast iron for uniform   heat distribution and impact resistance.
• Baking plate size upto 350 X 500 mm
• Automatic temperature control.
• Electronically controlled Batter Dosage
• Insulation enclosure made of stainless steel.
• Dual chamber system to ensure carrier bearings   are out of the heat zone, thereby increasing   service life.
• Automatic Scrap Removal System
• For Hollow and Flat wafers.
• CE Certified.

Chain Tensioning
Video - DW 60V3
Video - DW 24

Baking Tong     Hook Type Locking

Rear View

Insulated Heating Chamber

Rear service door     Locking/Pressing Station

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