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  Automatic Rolled Sugar Machine - RSC 36

GEMNI supply automatic machines for best quality and précisely rolled Sugar Cones.

The RSC 36 is designed with latest technical standards for economical results. These machines are clearly laid out and easily accessible. The bearings and lubricants used are of long life and the links between the baking plates are also maintainence free.

Rolling Device

The Wafer is taken off the lower plate and handed over to the horizontally formatted rolling device. The rolling which results from this principles is the requirements for a wafer with a distinct squared pattern and an even thickness of the wafer which allows a slow and careful turning of the rolling core.

Control Panel allows an easy observation and open access of all important areas of the machine.

No. of Baking Plates 36
Baking Surface 250 x 250
Capacity per Hour 2160
Electric load 2KW
Gas pressure m bar 30-60
Electric Load 10Kw, 380V, 50Hz, 3 Phase
Air Conection bar 6
Rolling device NL/min 40
Length of Oven 5300
Width 1400
Width of Oven with rolling device 2950
Height of Oven 1800
Weight of Oven 2800 kg

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