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  Sample Cone Drawings
Ref: Cone Diameter 30-40mm

Ref: Cone Diameter 40-50mm
Ref: Cone Diameter 50-60mm
Ref: Sugar Cones
Ref: Sugar Cups
We Can assist you in designing cones.
  • Choose cone from some designs given above inform Reference no.
  • If you want to change the dimensions in the chosen design inform changes required.
  • Give the name of cone you would like to have on your product and whatkind of engraving you would like on bottom portion of cone.
  • In case you could not select a design from above send your requirement by email or Fax and we shall be glad to assist you.
  • You should get a drawing from us within four working days if not please send a reminder.
Standard Designs
Sugar Cone Designs
Cup Designs
Special Designs

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