Automatic Monaka Baking Machine

Monaka Wafers are popular for icecream sandwiches and can be used with chocolate and confectionery. The machine casts unique shapes of wafers and the MKT series machines specializes in Automatic industrial production of Monaka wafers, baked and formed in individual cavities, reducing wastage rate. The forming process takes placein custom made shapes and the machine is designed to be energy efficient.

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What We Produce

Our machines produces a variety of cones, wafers, edible cups or containers as per requirements. Newly developed machine systems enable us to offer optimum result even with challenging products that demand perfect baking parameters. At the same time our machines are designed to be energy efficient too

Monaka cake
 Gemni Monaka car design
Gemni monaka icecream
Monaka shells
Gemni monaka fish design
Monaka designs by Gemni
Monaka ice cream sandwich
Monaka cookies
Monaka Wafers design
Monaka Biscuit
Monaka Cookies
Monaka ice cream cookies designs


Length in mm 4220mm
width in mm 2770mm
Height in mm 2200mm
Net Weight in kgs 5480kgs
LP Gas Consumption appox 12kg /Hour
Output Capacity 5500-7200 pieces / Hour*
Per hour. 5pieces/Mould
Moulds 36

* Baking time varies from 90 sec - 120 sec based on product
Assuming 5 Pieces / Mould

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Gemni's Automatic Monaka Baking Machine
Automatic Monaka Baking Machine