RSC - 36

Our RSC line of automatic ovens produce different types of rolled sugar cones with a natural top or with a prominent defending ring. The length of the cones can also be varied within a certain range with the help of the PLC that controls many key parameters of the machine.

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  • Robust Construction and special alloy cast baking
  • Smooth and trouble free production cycle
  • Length of the cones can be varied as per the requirements

What We Produce

Our machines produces a variety of cones, wafers, edible cups or containers as per requirements. Newly developed machine systems enable us to offer optimum result even with challenging products that demand perfect baking parameters. At the same time our machines are designed to be energy efficient too

Watch Our Video

This video describes the working of the RSC - 36 and its efficiency. Performance is always our priority and reliablity is our goal. The video is a demonstration of the RSC - 36 which gives an perfect idea of the system, and its uses.


No.of Baking Plates 36
Baking Surface 250x250
Capacity Per hour 2160
Electric Load 2 kw
Gas Pressure 30-60 mBar
Electric Load 10 kw,380V,50 Hz,3 phase
Compressed Air 6 Bar
Rolling device NL \ min 40
Length of Oven 5300
Width 1400
Width With rolling device 2950
Height of Oven 1800
Weight of Oven 2800

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All Variants

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RSC - 162
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Gemni's RSC - 36
RSC - 36
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RSC - 09